Immediate Results in Coaching applying Quantum Physics

How to effectively achieve your goal in coaching

One of the biggest challenges in modern coaching is the fact, that the client is having difficulties to feel the elevated emotion of having achieved his / her goal(s).

Consequently, (s)he is going to have a hard time to achieve his/her personal and corporate goals because the intentional thought alone is not enough to get even close to it.

And yes, it’s a misbelieve that running around for busy 14 hours a day will get you anywhere close to this elevated emotion or goal.

“Instead, it is within your creative mind where you experience the coherent impact of the intentional thought and that elevated emotion needed to feel the goal”.

So, where´s the beef

An intentional thought or goal of the individual or corporate client needs a catalyst and that catalyst is the “elevated emotion” in order to feel and achieve his goal.

However, as a client, you will not be capable to feel the elevated emotion if you don’t have access to the information needed to generate that specific emotion.

And the main reason behind this is the fact that you are experiencing “a limitation that stops him from getting access to that information”.

Behind any limitation, there is a specific negative emotion or there are multiple negative emotional incidents that have led to that limitation.

“And that´s where the beast sits”

The negative memory about emotional events in the past is acting like a program downloaded in the past forecasting the personal outcome into the future.⁣

Be aware, 95% of your daily activities are based on that download from the first seven years of your life out of which another 75% are broadcasted based on your direct download from your parents and your community where you have been raised.

So the habitual mind, as to speak, the subconscious mind is basically in control of your behavior and your brain has kind of frozen those images of the emotional impacts and embossed those patterns neurologically within your brain.

That’s a memory stored within the subconscious mind. And the stronger the emotional impact has been, the stronger the memory is.

In the case of negative memories, these strong negative emotional events cause the client’s limitations and that’s what we need to understand in order to support successfully.

What are the takeaways from here

To make any coaching session as effective as possible, it is key to unlock the clients’ attachment to that emotional limitation.

The clients need to stop thinking neurologically within the so-called “circuits of the past”, because it is how your clients think and feel that creates their state of being and their principal capability to achieve their goals or keep the focus on their targets.

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What’s the key to success

The main key here is to remove the negative emotion behind the client’s limitation. This is the main area for quantum physics-based methods like INSTANT CHANGE.

The CDI (“Connect, Delete & Inform”) process of INSTANT CHANGE at the first step connects the client to the quantum field and deletes the negative emotion behind his limitation.

Within the next step, the missing information is being integrated to make sure that the client can experience that elevated emotion connected to his intentional thought.

The key fact to this method is you don’t need to know where the client’s limitation is either located or when and where it was initiated.

Be it the subconsciousness, consciousness, energy field or cell information, the INSTANT CHANGE method works simultaneously on all respective levels.

Once the client combines the intentional thought with the elevated emotion, (s)he can visualize and feel his/her goal as being accomplished already.

That’s the crucial impact procedure and an integral part of the INSTANT CHANGE Method.

And that’s also the moment where the client gets into much higher gear within the coaching process, as (s)he is relieved from what has been holding him/her back.

How to move on from here

Two powerful methods support after the INSTANT CHANGE sessions for a goal-oriented coaching program.

  1. The client focuses 3 times daily on his/her goals by writing them down and picking up the elevated emotion that (s)he felt during the IC sessions.
  2. Neuro-trainings with brain waves at Theta frequency are very powerful to reprogram new positive habits into the subconscious mind by creating a new neurological network. We love to say, the old tape recorder needs some new music on its tape.

That’s how the client experiences immediate results and maintains sustainable results in the long term.

Stay tuned and happy coaching 🙂

Klaus Tarrach & Katrin Bitterle



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