It’s okay.

It’s okay

Having worked with multiple clients on different topics, I came to realise that all of us are struggling with the exact same challenge: to give ourselves permission to be who we are. 

We should do more sports, we should have a “red thread” in our CV, we should take care of others, we should not be selfish, we should accept a decent job, we should not wear too bright colors, we should, we should, we should.

And when we listen to ourselves, we realise there is something nagging.. something that tells us whatever we should do, doesn’t feel good, doesn’t feel right, doesn’t fit. 

And this is OKAY. 

It’s okay to be different. 

It’s okay to take care of yourself. 

It’s okay to try something out and decide it’s not your thing after two weeks. 

It’s okay if your CV doesn’t make sense to everyone – it’s yours.

It’s okay to not wanting to have a 9 to 5 job.

It’s okay to say “no” to others. 

And it’s more than that. It’s not only okay, it’s good and it’s necessary. It makes you YOU, it makes you alive, it makes you happy. And what could be more important than your happiness?

I am hereby giving you permission to be you. 

And if I can do that, you can certainly do it as well. Write yourself a “letter of permission” in which you allow yourself to listen to whatever your gut is telling you, in which you congratulate yourself for being so courageous and in which you celebrate yourself for that. 

Put a post-it on your mirror or a fridge that says “I allow myself to be me”, a post-it that reminds you everytime you walk by that it is okay. 

Tell yourself that it’s okay to be you, whatever this means. 

We give others permission for different things, allow our kids to stay up late, allow our colleagues to stay at home when they are sick, allow our partner to be grumpy, allow our friends to cancel if they don’t feel like company.

It’s time we treat ourselves the same way – it’s okay. 


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