What is Instant Change?

You’ve asked so many questions about Instant Change, this new method to transform your mindset, that I decided to do a FAQ for you. 🙂
Please let me know if you have more questions – I will update this FAQ regularly to make sure I cover all of your questions.

What is Instant Change 

Instant Change is a new, revolutionary method that supports you getting rid of your doubts, limiting beliefs, fears and blocks within minutes. 

It is based on neuroscience and quantum physics and works efficiently and effectively on all of your systems (subconsciousness, consciousness, every cell in your body, and your entire energy field) at the same time.

How does it work 

It uses the fact that energy is flowing through you all day: It increases the positive information, pushes through you everything you need to be successful (e.g. courage or drive), and deletes all the negativity. 

The underlying process is CDI – connect, delete, inform.
First, you are being connected to the information that you want to have (e.g. wealth, trust, courage).
In the second and third step, that happen simultaneously, the emotional trigger behind the block / your limiting belief is being deleted and all of your systems are being informed with the new information.

If you want to read more about the process, have a look here.

What does it look like for you 

You get 3 session of 20-30 mins each, every other day or 3 days after the other.  We will book the first session and then see when it makes sense to do the next ones.

We will define your goal (e.g. 5million a year, a house by the beach) and what you want to have (e.g. easy success or being easy around a topic that has triggers you before) and then I will let those information flow through you with the help of the Instant Change method.

There is nothing you need to do, just enjoy the energy and focus on your breathing. You might feel some tickling in your hands or feet, you might feel your body shaking, you might get warm, or you might feel nothing at all. Everyone reacts differently.

We have some time in between the sessions in case more stuff is coming up, so that we can work on those topics as well. 

Sessions can be done via Zoom or in person. 

Is there a limit in terms of topics

There is no limit in terms of topics – we can work on your wellbeing, your business, and partnership at the same time. 

How fast will I notice something and long does the effect last

During the session you will already feel the energy and you will immediately feel how your pain or doubt is decreasing. Many clients have ideas or feel the urge to act immediately after the first session.

Your new reality is being implemented in your systems – which might lead to you not even noticing that something has changed. You act in a different way but it feels completely familiar to you.
Read more about this learning process.

Since the information is deleted in your system, Instant Change is sustainable; unless you start telling yourself again that you are not worth it, then you actively build up your limiting belief again. 

What can I do to support the process

Before our first session, get clear on

  • what you don’t want any more: Which limiting belief / fear / doubt to you want to overcome?
  • what you want instead.

In between the sessions, you will get some questions from me to reconnect with your goals and get more clarity around them. Also, make sure to drink LOTS of water.

That sounds great… But where’s the catch

Well, there is none.
Instant Change is by-passing the painful learning and growing process, the process of figuring out your limiting beliefs, reframing them, telling yourself you new beliefs daily until your subconsciousness finally accepts it as a new truth.

You will get to similar same results with other methods – using Instant Change is just faster and so much more convenient.

Brilliant, I want this. What do I need to do next

I am a certified Instant Change professional, contact me through me contact form so that I can send you the details for the booking.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. 🙂

Curious what it did for me? Watch my testimonial!


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